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These 5 Script Long Storage Benches Ottomans Seats Should Be Around Your Home

Before, we have posted about stool, ottoman and accent chair with script fabric cover. Now, let us complete this section by showing you one more thing about script-designed furniture. That is for long storage bench ottoman. You can use it to complete your home for a nice conversation spot.

These 5 Script Long Storage Benches Ottomans Seats Should Be Around Your Home

Vintage Retro Storage Ottoman Bench with Euro Script, Adeco



This is nostalgic furniture with the letter-printed design. This ottoman has 18-inch in height and it is designed with highly padded to give you high comfort. The length is about 45-inch that you can also use it as a footrest. It comes with stylish design because it is completed with white linen upholstery and gray handwriting for its vintage look. It also has postage print design. The base of the ottoman has bronze color brads to complete the polished black feet. Its design is truly spacious with the convenient storage. You can use it to complete your bedroom, living room or other places that you want to add extra seat.

It works best for those who want to add classic feel with its button-tufted surface.

Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench, DecentHome

buy button primrosefurnitureThis storage bench is made of script linen fabric that can add more fun around your space. It can be used as a storage ottoman. Its frame is made of wood and it has black non-marking legs. It provides you deep storage area for anything that you want to hide inside to avoid any clutter look.

It has comfortable and padded design that can complete all your needs for a classic touch.



Fitzgerald Script Storage Long Bench Ottoman, Cortesi Home

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buy button primrosefurnitureIt is an upholstered long ottoman bench with storage in soft beige fabric that comes with popular script pattern design. It has safety hinge top and it provides you deep storage area. The fabric pattern gives your space a charming look. The storage space also can give functional design for a clean space in any part of your home.

It takes few minutes to assembly.



linen Lilian Bench, Linon

buy button primrosefurnitureUse this as the ideal option to provide seating around your space such as living room, entry area and bedroom. It is made of linen printed fabric upholstery and the feet come with dark mahogany finish. The frame has straight lined design to complete its rolled aside accent for a classic feel.

It is perfect for those who need ultra plush seat for their space.



Stephanie Script Linen Ottoman in Grey, Linon

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is the last option you can go with. This long bench storage seat is available in two colors: dark walnut and gray/black.

For this one, it has black finish with the grey script printed linen fabric covers the seat. You can use it if you need more storage and seating around your entry, hallway and bedroom. The script patterned linen top and sides are completed with dark black finished legs so that this ottoman can be a great accent for your living space. The interior storage is quite spacious that even can hide toys.



Those are all about storage ottoman long bench with fabric printed design for extra seat. Found something wonderful?

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