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The Right Walnut Bedroom Furniture Sets and Nightstand for A Perfect Match

The Right Walnut Bedroom Furniture Sets and Nightstand for A Perfect Match

Antique Walnut Nightstand/ Accent Table with Cabinet and Drawer, Winsome

buy button primrosefurnitureActually this nightstand comes in some color options: espresso, natural, white and what we are talking about is the last option, antique walnut night stand.

This is a wood night stand that has antique walnut finish. Its design is quite simple that can provide you extra storage with its drawer and cabinet. Its knob is made of satin nickel. The design is also quite sturdy that you can use to hold some important things that you want to grab easily when you are on your bed. It must come with parts and tools to assemble.



Here Are 5 Bedroom Furniture Sets to Complete This Antique Walnut Night stand

Wood Console Table with One Drawer, Winsome Wood

buy button primrosefurnitureIf you need wood console table with drawers, this can be your option. It comes with a drawer and it has a pull to allow you storing some important things you have. It is a perfect option if you want to add traditional touch for any existing décor you have because its neutral tone can easily blend with other color scheme. This console table has antique walnut finish that doesn’t take much time to assemble. You will get parts and tools to assemble.



Classic Winsome Wood Accent Table Walnut

buy button primrosefurnitureGrab this for an instant classic touch around your space. This winsome wood accent table walnut is all that you need with the casual style through its clean-lined design. It is constructed from solid beechwood and it is completed with wood nailhead design for its accent.

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Moreover, this wood accent table also has simple carved rails that will support your needs if you want an open shelf and spacious storage drawer.

Please note that you should do light assembly to complete this one.

If you don’t love walnut, you can pick other color options: natural, black and white.

The good thing is that it comes with practical style for a clean addition around your room.



2-Set Walnut Storage Baskets, Winsome

buy button primrosefurnitureIf you need walnut storage unit with baskets, we think it should be one to consider. What makes it special is that these baskets are foldable so you can store it easily if it is not in use. You can also set it up easily when you want to use it.

As its title, it comes with 2-set and its handles are built-in. It is constructed from wicker and the frames are made of metal for more durable design. This storage basket has antique walnut finish that is quite attractive to complete your interior design. It is also recommended for wide or narrow storage shelf presented by Winsome.



Antique Walnut Open Shelf Folding 4-Tier, Winsome Wood

buy button primrosefurnitureBefore, you have seen the storage baskets and now it is about the open shelf that you can use to store the basket.

They basically have two color options: black or walnut.

But we think that this is an ideal option if you want to go with walnut night stand. We recommend you to use this if you have to deal with small area especially around your closet, bathroom and even bedroom. This walnut open shelf unit is constructed from solid or composite wood and then finished with antique walnut.



Rosewood Tall End Table Coffee, DHP

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buy button primrosefurnitureWho says that you must use all walnut furniture when you want to pair them with antique walnut night stand? For example, this rosewood tall end table coffee can be a perfect match for that night stand. It works as a lovely and tall end table that can be a nice addition around your room because the antique and charming look. The table top has functional and space-saving design. the lower shelf gives you extra storage which means that it is more than just an accent table.



You can use the lower shelf to display your accent pieces and some small accents. It is constructed from solid wood as well as wood veneer and it wouldn’t wobble, split and warp. It only takes about 15 minutes to finish its light assembly.

So, do you find something interesting about walnut bedroom furniture sets and the night stand above?

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