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Our 5 Vintage Wooden Garden Stools, Nightstands and Side Tables You Must Have

Stool nightstand made of wood is quite durable, can be used for indoors and outdoors. At the same time, it can make your space looks natural, vintage and even modern. It can fit any kind of decors easily while adding the sounds of nature for a more peaceful atmosphere around your home as you can find in this list below.

Our 5 Vintage Wooden Garden Stools, Nightstands and Side Tables You Must Have

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is a wooden cylinder stool that is made of teak. It has smooth and natural surface and the bottom base is in flat design. It can add rustic touch around your space. With its brown natural color, you wouldn’t stop staring at its unique design.



Stonehenge Artisan Accent Table from Solid Teak Wood by Bare Decor

buy button primrosefurnitureYou can use this unique table as a coffee table, bed side table, plant stand and side table for your living room. It is completed with beautiful layered design to add interesting accent around you’re your home. It is also designed with rustic appeal but without losing its clean modern lines through its natural reclaimed wood to complete any decor. This is made of natural product and it is a handmade product so that you have to maintain it every time if you want the color can go for a long time.



14 by 16-Inch Teak Wood Stool by Deco 79

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is the next option of wooden stool side tables with the wood color. It is completed with natural wood grain for its finish. It has flat bottom base and the vertical stumps from sliced wood for the table top but the surface is totally smooth. This is great if you wonder about the brilliant design of arranged teak wood look.



Chalet Chic Round Teak Tree Stump Stool / End Table by Bare Decor

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buy button primrosefurnitureIt works best for those who want to have organic and pure decor stool. It has sanded external surface to give flat and safe place for you to hold your items or to use it as a stool. The unusual design makes it totally exceptional to complete your home. It is made of teak wood grain that works best for both indoors and outdoors. You can even use it as a plant stand.



Hourglass Artisan Accent Solid Teak Wood Stump End Table/Stool by Bare Decor

buy button primrosefurnitureIf you think that the previous options don’t match to your personal taste just because the shape how about this one? It has hourglass shape as an organic decor. It has smooth surface that you can use to hold some stuff you want to display. Or, you can use it as a stool to sit. It is completed with polished light teak wood and it has raw black accents to give unique look for your space. You can use it as a small table or plant stand.



Outdoor and Indoor Wood Stump Mushroom Stool by Welland

buy button primrosefurnitureTake this option that is different from others above. It has mushroom inspired design with the natural finish. It is not something too much if we say that it is impressive stool that you can add as seating option, end table or anything. It is hand-carved stool that is made by skilled artisans.



Solid Wooden Teak Stool with Rich Brown Finish by Benzara

buy button primrosefurnitureWhat we love from this stool is its puzzle design that is obviously innovative and unique since it can go with any style such as modern or traditional home design. Its design is very natural but at the same time it shows about amazing art of work. You can use it to complete your rustic or modern space. It has two round disks for its bottom and top. It is made of teak wood with the structured stool design. You can add it around your home as a bedroom side table, garden coffee table or patio stool.



18-Inch Wood Square Cut Log Stool From Teak by Deco 79

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buy button primrosefurnitureThis is our last option in this list. It is made of wood with natural wood grain finish. It is designed from finely selected teak wood for its durability and functionality. It has smooth surface that you can use it as anything you want for optimum safe. It works well for both indoors and outdoors.



Those are all is ready as vintage garden stool but works best for any decor including for modern home styles as we think.

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