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Our 5 New Antique Bedroom Vanity Set With Stool and Bench for Your Vanity

It is the time for your accessory to get the right spot to display all their beautiful designs. Don’t even try to purchase a vanity table and the stool separately. Get the antique bedroom vanity set to increase the value of your bedroom while helping you to decorate your room better.

Our 5 New Antique Bedroom Vanity Set With Stool and Bench for Your Vanity

Cherry Tri-Fold Mirror Vanity Table with Stool Set by Poundex

buy button primrosefurnitureWe think that it works for you if you need a 3-fold mirror vanity table and stool. It provides you some storage with the two small drawers and a large drawer placed on the center of it. The drawer handle has antique brass-look as the vintage touch. The mirror has attached moveable extensions so you can display your accessory easily.

They offer you the antique bed stool or the bench seat with upholstered design in some color options whether you will go with paisley or solid color. It comes with blue grey, cherry, white and black for more options.



Black Wood Make-up Mirror Vanity Dresser Table and Stool Set in 3-Piece by eHomeProducts

buy button primrosefurnitureGo with this one if you need a new vanity table with mirror and stool 3-piece set. Its contemporary design is the best way for you to add stylish look around your space. The vanity table has swivel adjustable mirror and also 2 mirrored storage drawers. You can use this vanity table as the easiest way to store all your jewelry. The tabletop is pretty smooth that gives you enough space to place some of your beauty supplies and cosmetic. It is completed with matching wooden stool that has padded upholstery cushion and it has cherry finish.

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Once you add it, it will be the beautiful accent for your bedroom.


Cherry Wood Make-Up Vanity Table and Stool Set by Roundhill Furniture

buy button primrosefurnitureWhat you will get is vanity table, mirror, antique stool bench and five storage drawers. It comes into two color options that are cherry and white. The assembly wouldn’t take your time to finish it. Just assemble it by following the instructions and let it completes your bedroom for your needs.


Cherry Lafayette Vanity Table and Bench by Home Styles

buy button primrosefurnitureThis can be your next option if all that you need is a traditional antique stool for vanity. The vanity table and the bench are completed with multi-step cherry finish for its durability. In addition the hardware has antique brass design with spindle legs and the profile-edged top completes its total design.

It can be the highlight around your bedroom because the curved accents around the mirror and the attachments make it truly vintage. You can remove the included mirror because it larger sized student desk and it is made of mahogany solid as well as cherry veneer to complete the beveled glass tilt mirror.

It also has two felt-lined drawer boxes that can be the storage for your rings and jewelry and these drawers are removable. At the center of the vanity table, another drawer that is quite big is available.  For the table bench, it is made of mahogany solid that is completed in black vinyl with spindle legs and cushioned seat that is quite easy to assemble.



White Wooden Makeup Jewelry Mirror Vanity Set Table and Seat Bench by Best Choice Products

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buy button primrosefurnitureWell this is the last option we can offer. Unlike the previous models, this vanity table has tri-folding mirror to allow you viewing your face and hair through multiple angles. The design of the vanity table is quite stylish. It is completed with upholstered matching new antique stool to give you high comfort. This set of vanity table and stool is made of solid wood with the white finish to give any decor in any bedroom style. It is featured with five drawers you can use to store all your cosmetics, jewelry and makeup.

Even you can place it around your hallway, closet or bathroom.

If you don’t like white, you can go with the black as your option.


Those all we can give to you related to Antique bedroom stool and antique bedroom vanity furniture set. Hope this can help you more!

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