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Our 5 Best Mid Century Modern Love Seat Designs For Small Space

Loveseats are valuable furniture that you can place around your home and the design always help you to save space. You can use it to complete sunroom, living room or den. Adding loveseats are good if you want to add cozy feel to your room. Besides, it is a good option if you want to add extra eating to give special area as conversation place. Here is our five best options when it comes to mid century modern love seat.

Our 5 Best Mid Century Modern Love Seat Designs For Small Space

Our 5 Best Mid Century Modern Love Seat Designs For Small Space

  1. US Pride Furniture, Grey Emma Fabric Modern Loveseat

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There is nothing better than completing your space with modern mid-century love seat and make your space more special with someone by adding this Emma loveseat. It comes in grey and it can go with any existing decor that you have. Grey is also the sign of cool and minimalist look which is good if you add this grey loveseat to your space.

The loveseat is presented by US Pride Furniture. It is constructed from high quality materials with the combination of fabric and solid wood that can last for many years if you take care of it quite well. The legs come with chrome finish which can be the instant way to state something modern to your space. The company used PVC foam as its upholstery fill and it is no wonder that you will get high level of comfort when you sit on it.

US Pride Furniture, Grey Emma Fabric Modern Loveseat

US Pride Furniture, Grey Emma Fabric Modern Loveseat review

Don’t worry about the upholstery color. It is possible for you to have more options if you don’t like grey. Some colors you can take as the alternative are beige, brown and green in different price tag. It means the wider choice helps you more to deal with your current decor. It has 16.2 inches of height and 21.7 inches of depth which is still good for small space. Now you can relax and let the comfortable cushions of the sofa refresh your mind.

  1. Modway Remark, Azure Loveseat

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Modway has innovative way to make everybody love this azure loveseat. It is because they have modernized the mid-century loveseat with the combination of contemporary flair so that it can cover wider people’s style. The loveseat comes with plush dual cushions. It is originally shaped furniture that will highlight your space with its solid dowel legs in natural wood. It is up to you whether you want to complete it with coffee table or not, the loveseat offers the best place for you and your friends to start any conversation. It has appealing look with the stitched back seat buttons, polyester upholstery and organic form.

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We think it can be your next choice if you need modernity to your contemporary interior design such as lounge area or living room. The natural rubber wood legs are the highlight that can make it go with any decor. It is also recommended because it has non-marking foot caps that will never bring any scratches to your floor.

Modway Remark, Azure Loveseat

Modway Remark, Azure Loveseat

This is a super comfortable loveseat in mid-century style for a modern small space with 32 inches of height, 61.5 inches of width and 32 inches of length. If you don’t like azure, you can go with another color options such as brown, gray, light gray, sunny and the last is wheatgrass. Select and match it to your decor.

  1. Container Direct, Mid-Century Modern Button Tufted Loveseat in Turquoise

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If you are seeking for mid-century modern loveseat with the big concern on its strength and stability, take this turquoise loveseat presented by Container Direct as your option. It is a sturdy and durable loveseat with the high level of comfort. It is because the company constructed it from high density foam and linen wrapped coil. It can be your supportive sating with the modern design. Its straight arms, back cushions, thick seat and nice wood legs are all that you need to make it perfect for your modern space.

Container Direct, Mid-Century Modern Button Tufted Loveseat in Turquoise

Container Direct, Mid-Century Modern Button Tufted Loveseat in Turquoise

Besides, the turquoise finish can deal with any color scheme. The height of this loveseat is about 32.5 inches and the length is 29 inches while the width is 59.5 that you can even use it to deal with small space. The weight is only about 60 lbs that you can move it easily because the lightweight design. Complete the loveseat with sofa table or coffee table in case that you want to make it more inviting. You can then decorate it with some throw pillows to welcome your guests.

It seems that the company doesn’t provide other color options. If you have a plan to add turquoise loveseat, you can use it and look how it gives best look even in brown and white living room.

  1. Baxton Furniture Studios, Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Black Loveseat Faux Leather
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Help your modern lounges and receptions available for anyone by adding this stunning loveseat for two people. It is designed based on the high demand of simplicity, comfort and style. This new loveseat is also designed with latest and clean silhouette that you can see how it gives beautiful feel to its surroundings.

The loveseat from Baxton Studio provides you a solid loveseat constructed from Rubberwood. It is the right loveseat that you need in case that you want a compact option for everyday use. It is featured with black faux leather upholstery as well as foam padding to make it perfect or any spaces such as kitchen, living room or even conservatory.

Baxton Furniture Studios, Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Black Loveseat Faux Leather

Baxton Furniture Studios, Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Black Loveseat Faux Leather

It is mid century modern love seat with the presence of angular wood frame that is mixed with Scandinavian design through the colonial wood in cocoa finish. It is a classic and masculine loveseat. If you don’t like black, the company has the dark brown as the alternative. You can pick this loveseat if you want to create black and white living room design. The loveseat is perfect for your home if you have available space for a loveseat with 31.59 inches of height, 44.66 inches of width and 29.45 inches of length.

Note: this loveseat requires assembly.

  1. Baxton Studio, Brown Mid-Century Love Seat

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You can take this last option if you need a loveseat that can be the perfect accent for your living room. The weight of this loveseat is about 44.75 inches with the depth about 29.25 inches and height about 31.25 inches. It is designed with 20th-century style which makes it as a masterpiece to your space. The retro flair adds more statement to your living room as well as the medium brown wood material with veneer finish. The loveseat has foam-cushioned design paired with brown faux leather upholstery for a stylish look.

The legs are the easiest part to define that the loveseat comes with mid-century style. Besides, it is constructed from solid rubberwood that you can take the benefits of its durability. The high-density foam helps you a lot to get high level of comfort. It can be used to decorate your modern, retro or vintage living room design. It works best if you need serious investment to your living room furniture.

Baxton Studio, Brown Mid-Century Love Seat

Baxton Studio, Brown Mid-Century Love Seat

In short, it is all that you need if you want to update your living room with long and lean loveseat design. Its sleek legs and curved is perfect with the solid rubberwood frame and wide arms in brown wood stain in chic look.

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How to Buy The Right Mid-Century Modern Love Seat

After reading our five choices of mid century modern love seat, we don’t want to leave you puzzled. Here is our guide you can try:

  1. Don’t forget to measure the available space

Loveseats are available in various sizes so we strongly recommend you to measure the available space and find how big and small of the loveseat you want Choosing pre-assembled loveseat means that you have to measure the doorways, stairways, elevators or hallways so you can place it in any room that you want.

  1. Go with sturdy frame

Find a loveseat that has sturdy material. Choose Kiln-fired hardwood if you want it lasts for many years. Oak and steel can be your alternative.

  1. Enrich yourself with the construction

Before purchasing any loveseat, a wise buyer will always look for any information about the product they want to purchase. At least enrich yourself with little information about the loveseat. The construction is the determiner whether you can sit there safely or not. A good loveseat should have the frames secured with corner blocks, brackets, metal screws and wooden dowels. This is important so the loveseat can last for many years.

  1. Right for your pre-existing decor

The loveseat you want to bring to your home should have something similar to your existing sofa such as the lines. It is also important to make sure that the new loveseat can coordinate with the existing color scheme.

  1. The fabric

Think about the fabric materials if you have kids or pets. Loveseats that can support you more with all your actions mean they have to be durable enough. Choose the materials that can support your actions. Upholstery fabric can deal with normal tear and wear, while leather can deal with constant use.

  1. The sleeper loveseat

The best option is sleeper loveseat you should consider to complete your space. It is because the conventional design that can be used as an extra bed if your guests want to stay for a night. Or, choose a loveseat that can be converted to full-size bed.

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