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Leick Recliner Wedge Shaped End Table in Medium Oak

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is a medium oak end table with hand-rubbed finish. The deep hardwood grain and the glistening highlights complete its wedge shaped design a cut above. It is also completed with multiple applications by hand for a more consistent finish. To give you deep and lasting durability, Leick added nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat. Refinish it is possible at anytime if you get bored with its look. The rich medium oak finish can give you natural touch with the solid wood top for your wedge end table plans.

As you see, the unique and wedge shape design make this free-fiberboard end table has solid design. The dark wood grain features rich and polished oak to add warmth to your space. The oak veneer and the solid ash wood make this end table is built to last. The top surface is from solid wood for its durability.

It is pretty easy to assemble it. The legs should be attached to the top and the slide the shelf to the clips. You can also pick leick recliner wedge end table black as another option if you think that this medium oak doesn’t match to your décor.

Leick Recliner Wedge Shaped End Table in Medium Oak

Leick Recliner Wedge Shaped End Table in Medium Oak

It is a wedge shaped end table that is designed with high clearance display shelf. It is perfect for condos, apartments and other small areas with the wedge-shaped top. The width is 15-inch, and tapering down to 8-inches in front with the height about 24-inch and length about 24-inch. You can use the lower shelf for extra storage and display space in this elegant end table.

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Here are the complete features and reasons why you need this:

  • Perfect for small space and fits perfectly between two chairs
  • Hand-applied multi-step medium oak finish
  • Solid ash wood table top and oak wood veneers material
  • Lower display shelf for decorative touch
  • Compact footprint design for small spaces like apartments, dorm rooms and condos
  • Easy to assemble

In conclusion, this can be one of your wedge shaped end table plans with timeless and versatile design to complete your space. It is durable with solid ash woods and veneers and it is beautiful with the use of hand applied medium oak finish. It works perfectly for you who need compact and elegant end table that can fit easily between two chairs with lower shelf for displaying decorative pieces and the assembly don’t take your time.

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