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Leick Laurent Cherry Coffee Table With Storage For Condo Or Apartment, Leick Furniture

buy button primrosefurnitureWhat makes us to keep this cherry coffee table with storage in our list is that it is quite durable since it is constructed from solid hardwood that is perfect especially for you who need a coffee table that you can use for everyday. Besides, the design can add elegance to your space. The design is also highlighted with the beaded edges while the legs are heavily scaled.

The hand-rubbed finish and the deep hardwood grain set for this coffee table also gives you glistening highlights. It is designed with multiple hand-applied applications that are perfect for its durability. It also has consistent finish which is more than just spraying. You can use it for many years without worrying that it will fade because the nitrocellulose lacquer for its topcoat to give deep tone. Even you can refinish it at anytime to give new look just like the first time you purchased it.

Leick furniture is known well for its trusted name especially in home furnishing since 1910 and they always work with solid fine hand-finished hardwoods. This large square cherry coffee table is also presented from fiberboard-free and it is only made of solid hardwood materials. It has gorgeous accents with the dark wood grain to complete its rich and polished wood. It also sanded smooth with layers of stain that will be more than just completing your space, but giving you a sturdy and solid coffee table.

Leick Laurent Cherry Coffee Table With Storage For Condo Or Apartment, Leick Furniture

Leick Laurent Cherry Coffee Table With Storage For Condo Or Apartment, Leick Furniture best review

The main prior for the company is that to provide you high durability that is also easy to assemble. It doesn’t take much of your time to do so. Simply, you only have to attach the legs to the top and then slide the shelf to its clips. It comes in brilliant design for long lasting furniture that can even complete your small spaces.

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As you see, this is a modern cherry coffee table that you can use if you need small space living furniture design. Its design allows you to save more space when you use it in apartments, condos or narrow and city spaces. The weight is only about 38 inch and the depth is 20 inch as well as the height. It can complete smallest living space.

The high display shelf allows you to clean the open shelf underneath easily without worrying that your head will hit it many times. In addition, it gives you lower shelf for your storage solution or decorative pieces. We are sure that this is an elegant small coffee table that you can go with.

So, here are the full specifications and our reasons why you need this:

  • Constructed from solid hardwood, fiberboard-free
  • Beaded edges and heavily scaled legs to add elegance
  • Hand-finished
  • Dark wood grain and rich polished wood for beautiful accents.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can deal with smallest living space
  • High display shelf for easy to clean
  • Lower shelf for more storage solution and enhances décor.

So, what do you think? We don’t see any bad things from this rectangular cherry coffee table

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