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Laurent Cherry Coffee Table With Drawers (2-Drawer), Leick Furniture

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is a chocolate rectangle cherry coffee table with hand-rubbed finish and glistening highlights. It can be a great accent to your space with the deep hardwood grain. A consistent finish for its multiple hand applications add beautiful look to this coffee table. It gives you high durability for a deep finish with the nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat. You can refinish it when you think that you need a change for your decorating taste. One thing that you need to know is that the company never has any sense to create press-board coffee table but they are only concerning on solid and hand-finished quality materials.

It is true that this coffee table has high quality construction with no fiberboard to use. It is totally created from solid hardwood materials with the dark wood grain for its rich and polished oak to give natural and to add warmth to any living space. The coffee table also sanded smooth and it comes with layers of stain that will be great to use for many years and it is more than just to support your space.

Laurent Cherry Coffee Table With Drawers (2-Drawer), Leick Furniture full review

Laurent Cherry Coffee Table With Drawers (2-Drawer), Leick Furniture

Besides the solid hardwood, it is also featured with pewter finished hardware. This coffee table has drawers are completed with stainless steel ball bearing slides to give you quick and easy access. You can open it smoothly and completely to get the wide storage space.

Not only about the durability but it doesn’t also make you get any difficulties to assemble. Once you attach the legs to the top and then slide the shelf to its clips, you have done and you can use it immediately. The design is totally brilliant for a quick assemble and it is built to last.

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We recommend this if you need cherry coffee table with shelf that can be added to your small space living such as condos, apartments or narrow spaces. It gives you minimal footprint and the two full-extension drawers can be used effectively for your storage solution.

So, here are the features and why we recommend this for you:

  • Hand-rubbed finish
  • Deep hardwood grain for accent
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat for its deep and durability
  • Refinish-able
  • No press-board, no fiber board, solid and hand-finished quality materials only
  • Rich and polished oak
  • Pewter finished hardware
  • Full extension stainless steel ball bearing slides for the two drawers for quick access
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for small space living such as apartments, condos and others.
  • Minimal footprint
  • Brilliant coffee table with storage solution

You can use it to complete your needs as traditional cherry coffee table or modern coffee table in cherry finish. One thing for sure is that the lower shelf can be used to display your decorative pieces.

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