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9 Metal Storage Cabinets For Office and Garage We Think Durable

You started your business from the beginning and at that time, perhaps you did not have anything. What you use to complete your office is the way you tell yourself about how seriously you build your business. Therefore, it is pretty good if you realize that your office furniture is your asset where your productivity, organizing business will be started. Here is our collection of metal storage cabinet for office that we think durable.

Metal Storage Cabinet Garage With Shelves In Tall Platinum Design, Suncast

buy button primrosefurnitureTake it as your option if you need metal storage cabinet garage with shelves. The wall panels have multi design for its high durability and the stylish resin construction helps it far away from any rust dents and scratches issue. You will find out three shelves inside. The shelves are from metal that you can use to deal with high weight goods. On each shelf, the maximum weight capacity even more than 75 pounds. It is a heavy duty tall cabinet that is truly beneficial for your office. Its smooth door operation is supported with metal mid hinge and it has padlock-ready doors that you should purchase separately for the padlock.



Deluxe Black Metal Storage Cabinets For Sale 4 Adjustable Shelves, Tennsco

buy button primrosefurnitureSay goodbye for the problem of lost clips. This is one of metal storage cabinets for sale and it is designed as built-in furniture that you can use for your office, bedroom, garage and other areas. The heavy-duty construction allows you to use it for many years for normal use. The leveling glides are adjustable so that the doors can hang squarely and close smoothly. There are also louvers on its back to give nice circulation.

It is available in two more color options.



Metal Storage Cabinet On Wheels Tall Cabinet, UltraHD

buy button primrosefurnitureUse this to revamp your office or home so you can store all supplies and tools easily, in good condition and still in high style. This is one of metal storage cabinet on wheels that allows you to adjust the shelves to complete your necessities. The cabinet is also completed with quality powder-coated construction for its durability. The doors are stainless steel and the wheels are high-quality. This is a perfect option for those who need economical cabinet design but with great looking design. Each shelf is recommended to support not more than 150 lbs. It means that it will be durable if you can use it in normal use.



Morgan Metal Storage Cabinet with Shelves in Solid Black, South Shore

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is the ideal option for those who need metal storage cabinet with shelves but with simple and stylish design. It is a two-door floor cabinet that is very functional for storage solution. It works in most areas like home office, garage, basement and bedroom. The shaped locking doors complete the 3 adjustable and 1 fixed shelves. The top shelf is adjustable and in full width. Inside, it has fully finished design and the plastic handles are designed with silver finish. You can go with other color options. Each shelf is only recommended to support not more than 35 pounds of weight capacity while the fixed shelf in its middle can support 100 pound. Although it is not from metal but you can use it to complete your metal storage cabinet.

This is constructed from recycled CARB compliant particle panels ad use dry cloth to wipe clean.



Elite Metal Storage Cabinet With Doors 32 Inch White, Prepac

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is a metal storage cabinet with doors. It has two doors and it provides you more storage that you can use to complete your office. In addition, the design is practical that allows you to use it for other areas like bedroom, kitchen, garage, utility room and others.

The cabinet is designed from laminate composite wood and it has white melamine doors for its stylish look. Inside, there are two adjustable and one fixed shelf which means 3 shelves.

It is also completed with all-metal six-way hinges and all-metal handles on doors. The corners on its door have soft-edged style for security. Use the matching topper unit if you want to make it as expanded storage.

It works for those who need distinctive cabinet design with the attractive finish and the European style for its hinges.



Metal Storage Cabinet For Sale Flynn In White, SystemBuild

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is quite possible for you to create clean look around your space no matter how terrible the clutter is. It is a Flynn storage cabinet that you can complete for metal storage cabinet for sale. It is designed for any room that you can use for office, kitchen, garage and other areas. It has two doors and it shows you two shelves that you can adjust based on your needs and two others are fixed shelves.

You can use it to store food, appliances, linens, office items, tools and sport equipments. The white finish and the clean lines are perfect to complete any styles.



Metal Storage Cabinet Black Welded Classic and Adjustable Shelves, Sandusky

buy button primrosefurnitureIf your office needs a metal storage cabinet black with more shelves than others, we think this is the good option. It is a welded steels storage cabinet that offers you four shelves with the adjustable design. The two doors are hinged and it has locking swing handle. It is a perfect furniture that you can use to organize, store and secure any important items in your office.

The swing handle is designed with lock and three-point locking system to give its safety. The shelves are adjustable so you can put any items in different heights inside this cabinet. It is good against chipping and corrosion with the use of powder coat finish to complete its durability.

The good news is that it comes in several color options. Pick the color and create a statement to any space.



Storage Cabinet Door Locks Keyless Electronic System Gray Steel With 4 Shelves, Sandusky

buy button primrosefurnitureBe more modern and use this steel storage cabinet to complete your office. The storage cabinet door locks are designed with keyless and it has electronic system. It provides you four adjustable shelves that you can adjust to meet your necessities. Each shelf can perform the weight capacity even about 180 lb. The two hinged doors are designed with full length stiffeners to promote the study design and the keyless electronic locking handle gives you high security to keep all important files and documents in the right place.

It goes with the external back-up battery and it supports electronic keypad in case that there is a problem with the power. Two bypass keys are added in order to help you dealing with electronic lock fails issue.

You will get instructions but it doesn’t come with the tools.



Large Tall Metal Storage Cabinet Lockable, Gladiator

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is our last option as metal storage cabinet lockable that you can use to support all garage supplies and it has open doors. Besides, you can use it to store gardening or paint supplies. This is designed with sturdy performance and it is constructed from steel for its heavy duty design. You can use the optional Wall Bracket Kit if you want to move this cabinet up off the floor and to increase the storage capacity while saving more floor space. Each shelf can hold items with the maximum weight capacity about 45 pounds.



Those are all our collection for 10 metal storage cabinet office ideas that you can even use for garage, bedroom and other areas.

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