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5 Our Beautifully Designed Elephant Garden Stools for Coffee Table, Table Lamp And Side or End Tables

Perhaps you have checked some of our elephant garden stool we have posted before. But if you think that you need something beautiful for elegant garden stools that you can use for a coffee table, table lamp, side and end tables, we have some more options you can go with!

5 Our Beautifully Designed Elephant Garden Stools for Coffee Table, Table Lamp And Side or End Tables

Jaipur Elephant Festival Coffee Table by Design Toscano

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is an elephant coffee table that is designed as a handmade product which is made of real crushed stone and it is made by skillfully designer. It is completed with thick glass that allows you to put all things you need on it while you are lying and relaxing on your sofa. This coffee table is also designed to meet your needs easily since it can be placed in indoors or outdoors.



Glass Topped Table with Maharajah Elephant Sculptural Design by Design Toscano

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is another option you can pick for your elephant table lamp. It is made of fine quality table material with versatile look to be an instant accent around your home. You can show it off to your neighbors and coworkers as a beautiful artwork. It has drape and howdah to add contemporary flair with the black hand-painted sculpture and rich gold accent. The glass top makes it as a perfect addition for your modern space too.



Side Table with Elephant Sculptural Design by Design Toscano

buy button primrosefurnitureIf you cannot go with white elephant side table, why don’t you try this one? It is a hand-finished elephant sculptural side table that has exclusive look. It is made of high quality designer resin that you can use to complete any space you want from indoors to outdoors.



Good Fortune Elephant End Table by Design Toscano

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buy button primrosefurnitureStill presented by Design Toscano, this is one of skillfully designed elephant end tables that are believed to bring good fortune to the owners. The trunk is the sign for a good fortune and the pin-sized pachyderm adds exotic touch instantly. The glass table top has pencil-edged design that is quite exclusive to any space.



Elephant Side Table Made of Ceramic by Two’s Company

buy button primrosefurnitureTwo’s Company elephant side table ceramic for this one is quite beautiful to go with. It has white glaze finish which is more than to add bright look around it, but also to make the space looks even stunning since it can be an accent among your furniture. It works well in any kind of decor because white is neutral and it can go easily with other colors.



So, among those options which one you think that should be added for your space as elephant garden stool?

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