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5 Modern Oval Glass Coffee Tables

Forget about the round glass coffee table. Fashion always changes and following the new trend is all that you need in order to keep your home up-to-date. But the sound of modern design is still the same. All that you need is furniture made of glass. The furniture should be completed with sleek design and overall it should be futuristic. For oval glass coffee table, there are some modern designs you can pick to go with your decor.

Because people always have different taste, the design of modern oval coffee table is quite many based on colors and materials. Therefore, we provide you the 5 modern coffee tables with oval glass top with different colors you can pick based on your personal taste. Have fun!

5 Modern Oval Glass Coffee Tables

Modern White Oval Shape Coffee Table Glass

buy button primrosefurnitureEnhance the look of your living space by adding this furniture. It is an oval shape coffee table in white with sleek and stylish design for its base. It is featured with clear glass table top and there are back-painted borders to add classy look.

It is best for some areas such as living room, drawing room, quest room and even kitchen bars. You can use it for your office too. The base is quite sturdy which is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard). If you purchase it, you will get two boxes. The first is for glass table top and the second box is for the base because it will be packed separately.



Modern Red Oval Shape Coffee Table Glass

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buy button primrosefurnitureIt is also good if you want to go with red instead of white because red is also beautiful to add final touch around your space. It is completed with thick clear glass and there is a red painted border around the glass top for a more stylish look. This coffee table is made of tempered glass and it has flat polished edge. The design is quite sleek and the base is made of MDF.

It works best if you want to use it as a pop of color around your living room, bar or guest room. Even you can use it for your drawing room too.



Modern Black Oval Shape Coffee Table Glass

buy button primrosefurnitureForget about white and red if you don’t like the color for your coffee table, you still have black as another option. This is a coffee table with glass top table and it is featured with backpainted borders in black. The base is sturdy and sleek with the MDF material. Basically it has the same features as the 2 options above, just the color is different.

For a best use, you can use it for living room, office, guest room, bars and drawing room. For men, black is always recommended instead of white or red.

Those 3 options are presented by Fab Glass and Mirror, and for the next two options are specially designed by Gravity Decors.



Red High Glossy Oval Glass Coffee Table

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is another option you can pick which is presented by different brand compared to the three options above. If the previous models are featured with 10mm of glass thickness, this coffee table only has 8mm glass thickness. It is a good option if you don’t care about the fact of 8mm since you don’t put any heavy things on it.

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The material is the same that is made of tempered glass and the base is made of MDF.



Black Glossy Oval Glass Coffee Table

buy button primrosefurnitureUse this black glossy oval glass coffee table as your last option. It has stylish design which is recommended for living room. It is easy to install and doesn’t take much of your time. The quality is quite good and the base is sturdy enough since it is made of MDF. The glass top table is made of tempered glass.



So, which one you think the best that can meet your personal taste for oval glass coffee table above?

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