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5 Modern Mid Century Loveseat Sofa Designs By Baxton Studio

A love seat is a great invention to complete your most favorite space such as living room or home office. There are many modern mid century modern loveseat designs presented by many popular furniture makers. One of them is Baxton Studio. Baxton is quite consistent to release new furniture products to complete the huge demand of durable furniture from bedroom to living room.

We think that it is not something too much to show you about some modern loveseat sofa and loveseat designs presented by this company. We only make it short which is about 5 lists that you worth to check them out!

5 Modern Mid Century Loveseat Sofa Designs By Baxton Studio

Brown Mid-Century Masterpieces Love Seat

buy button primrosefurnitureFor you who need brown love seat, take it as your answer. It is a modern love seat that is designed with mid-century style. This love seat is made of solid rubber wood that will last for many years. It is completed with medium brown wood veneer finish for a more classic look than ever. Besides, the seat is wrapped in brown faux leather that has high-density polyurethane foam cushioning to give you high level of comfort.

It can be a nice addition to your room setting especially if you want to add retro flair around your space.



White Mid-Century Masterpieces Loveseat

buy button primrosefurnitureDoesn’t like brown? How about white? this white loveseat will send your interior back to 20th-century style with the mid-century design that it has. It can be a perfect living room accent with its modern design.

Basically it has the same feature as the first option but it goes with grid tufting design. It also has white faux leather seat cover that also has high-density polyurethane foam cushioning.

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It sounds more complete with medium brown wood veneer finish.





Black Stratham Mid-Century Modern Sofa

buy button primrosefurnitureWell, it is still reasonable if you think that white is too common for you. Or, if your living room wall paint is white and the white sofa only makes the room too bright and too bland. Go with black. Make a black and white living room design and add this around the space. Since black can go with other colors, it works with any decor around your room.

It is completed with solid wood frame and it has dark brown finish. The seat is wrapped in black faux leather and the foam cushioning is from high-density polyurethane. Don’t worry that it will leave stretch around your flooring because it has non-marking feet.

You even don’t need to install it because it comes with fully assembled. Once you add it around your contemporary living room design, it can give a high level of character.



2-Seater Dark Brown Nikko Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Loveseat

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is another option you can pick if you cannot accept the previous options easily and wholeheartedly. This 2-seater loveseat looks cute with the walnut finish. It is made of solid rubber wood with foam cushioning and faux leather cover.

This love seat is beautiful for your living room accent because it has dark brown faux leather upholstery that is more complete with the presence of panel stitching details. The wooden frame is in angular design. It is perfect for those who need modern lounges that goes in simple but stylish look.

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You will love its clean silhouette!



Gray Mid-Century Timor Love Seat

buy button primrosefurnitureThe last offer from Baxton Studio when it comes to mid-century love seat that you can check easily for its design, it is a gray love seat with whitewash wood veneer finish and gray fabric cover.  It is constructed from solid rubberwood and it has high-density polyurethane foam cushioning that will make sure of high comfort.



Which one you would go if you have some amount of money to purchase Mid century modern loveseat by Baxton?

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