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5 Modern Bar Stool Designs And Plans To Furnish Your Kitchen Counters And Bars

We do have the same argument if you think that it is quite challenging to furnish kitchen counters and bars. Those areas are the commonly in a high traffic and it is important to give the right seating. To deal with this, modern stool designs  are perfect because they comes with sleek and clean look that will not take much space around it. Speaking about modern bar stools, here are some adjustable designs you can go with!

5 Modern Bar Stool Designs And Plans To Furnish Your Kitchen Counters And Bars

Garr Walnut and Black Modern Bar Stool by Baxton Studio

buy button primrosefurnitureEnjoy this fashionable modern bar stool that is completed with walnut veneered plywood seat that has foam padding as well as faux leather cushions in black. You can use it to complete any table, counter or bar since the design is adjustable so you can set the height and the degree for its swivel design. This is also work best if you need contemporary bar stool because it has steel gas lift piston and base that is featured with shiny and reflective chrome finish.

The base also has plastic protective ring to protect your flooring from any scratches. To clean it, you can use a damp cloth to wipe. Note that it requires light assembly.



2-Set Lemon Green 360-Degree Swivel Adjustable Saddleback Bar Stool by Joveco

buy button primrosefurnitureIf you need a bar stool to add elegance, you can go with this one as your choice. They offer you nine color options starting from black, brown, lemon green, light brown, orange, purple, red, yellow and the last is blue. Those color options are quite bright that can be used as a pop of color to add more color around your décor and to use it as an accent around your kitchen.

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This stool also has sleek and smooth silhouette. The base is made of polished chrome and the foam cushioned seat completes its contemporary style to be in a high comfort. Besides, it has swivel and adjustable features that can meet most seating preference. It looks more modern with the saddle-back design that you can even use this stool for your kitchen, living room and dining room.



Bentwood Swivel Barstool with Adjustable Design and Cherry Wood Finish

buy button primrosefurnitureFor this one, it is presented by Christies Home Living. This is a modern bar stool design and it is featured with a retro style that goes with chrome finish and chrome base plate to add more distinctive look around your space. In addition, it has fully adjustable feature that is quite perfect to complete your counter or bar. The walnut finish and the cushioned seat allow you to sit in high comfort.



Black Berne Modern Bar Stool by Baxton Studio

buy button primrosefurnitureWith the combination of walnut plywood frame, black faux leather and comfortable foam padded seat, this stool will be your most favorite one among other chairs around your kitchen. It is featured with 360-degree swivel as well as adjustable height. The base is made of steel and its gas lift piston has chrome plating to complete its stylish design. Don’t worry that it will leave some scratches to your flooring because it has protective ring that is placed on its bottom base. If you want to clean it, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

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Please note that this modern stool needs assembly.



LEM Style Piston Bar Stool with Green Leather by LexMod

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is our last option to offer. It is Italian leather upholstery that is available in four colors starting from black, brown, white and green. It comes out with sleek lines that you can use for a commercial building or for your home. It has genuine leather that is perfect for your home bar because its stylish look that can complete your kitchen counter.



So, those are all about our 5 collection related to modern bar stool plans that we can recommend to you when you want to furnish your kitchen counters and bars. Hope this hopeful!

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