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5 Mid Century and Eames Style Eiffel Kitchen and Dining Chairs for Exotic Feel

When someone gives you a free ticket to enjoy your holiday to Paris by public transportations (not by a limousine with glamour dinner), we are sure that you still accept the ticket happily. Well, who don’t love Paris? It is one of the popular tourist destinations. All people in the world cannot ignore the beautiful Eiffel and the romantic feel around it. For those who obsessed with Paris, mid century Eiffel dining chair can be a way to start showing their obsession at home.

Eames style kitchen chairs are available in many options and colors. They can add more fun around your kitchen or dining. Besides, most of them are designed to add elegance and to make statement at your home. It can be a way to add furniture accent at your space too. Below, we have some interesting options of Eiffel dining chairs that might be perfect to complete your home because its exotic feel.

5 Mid Century and Eames Style Eiffel Kitchen and Dining Chairs for Exotic Feel

1. Mid-Century Modern Plastic Eiffel Dining Chair, 2-Set

buy button primrosefurniturePerhaps you think that 1 chair is not enough and buying 2 chairs separately will only take more budgets. Therefore, it can be the option you can go with. It contains 2-set of plastic Eiffel dining chairs with modern design.

There are two more color options in their offer that is red and black. The chair is designed to add retro touch with the classic design that can enhance your home decor. It can be used to complete contemporary room setting. This chair is featured with molded plastic design and durable matte finish. You can sit on it for a long time because it has comfortable design through its curved and ergonomic shape.

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The legs are wooden and it has black steel hardware for modern touch.



2. White Eames Style Mid Century Replica Dining Accent Arm Chair

buy button primrosefurnitureYou can compare the first option with this one. The difference is that this chair has armchair feature. The design is totally iconic and still works for mid-century and modern room. The legs are made of wood, but it is durable and quite light so you can move them easily.

If you cannot go with white, it is okay because there are some color options available such as black, light blue and red. Those other three colors are quite fun to add some pop to your kitchen and dining space.

Please note that this chair requires assembly.



3. Black Sturdy Eames Style Mid Century Replica Dining Accent Chair

buy button primrosefurnitureIt can be your option if you don’t want to go with Paris dining chair in wooden legs. Its iconic design is perfect for mid-century modern room setting. It is an instant chair accent that is durable and lightweight but great to start a nice conversation with. It contains 2-set and the seat is cushioned to give ultimate comfort. The Eiffel style metal legs make it durable to use for a long time. Now, you can enjoy your seat with this elegance and beautifully designed chair!



4. Black Eames Style Side Chair Eiffel Dining Room Chair, 4-Set

buy button primrosefurnitureIf you think that 2-set of Eiffel dining chairs is not enough because your kitchen or dining room should hold about 4 chairs, you can go with this option.

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It works for those who want a stylish and comfortable Eiffel chair with the light wooden legs. The chair is made of ABS plastic that is quite sturdy. They provided four color options for you such as black, green (which mostly doesn’t exist in other brands), red and white.

Its curved shape adds the ergonomic design to make you sit in high comfort. To provide stability, it is featured with black metal wires.



5. 2-Set, White Eames Style Molded Plastic Side Chair

buy button primrosefurnitureFor this one, it is presented by Poly and Bark. It can be your option if you need more color options such as black, blue, pink, grey, orange, red and teal instead of white. It is a molded plastic side chair with sturdy walnut wood finished legs. To support its durability, it has black strengthened steel wire frame. The superior strength is added through duratech infused plastic in matte finish. It also comes with plastic floor protectors to leave no scratch for your flooring.

It doesn’t take much of your time to assemble.



So, have you found the right one among these 5 Eames style kitchen chairs?

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