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5 Elegant Style Zero Gravity Chair Ideas For Backyard

About finding furniture, the rule is always the same. It is better to buy 2-set instead of buying one piece if you want to save some dollars for other important things. But, be sure that this 2-set is functional around your space. We think that it is never useless if you go with 2-set of zero gravity chair ideas since everyone can sit on it. One for you, one can be for your best buddy, your neighbor or perhaps other people. 2-set of chair always work best to complete your backyard.

Before, you might have seen some of elegant style zero gravity chairs but what if you take a look for more, perhaps for 2-set of zero gravity chairs as below? Well, they are worth to be seen.

5 Elegant Style Zero Gravity Chair Ideas For Backyard

Cheerwing, Blue 2-Set Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chairs

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You can go with blue or black because Cheerwing provides 2 color options on it. They are specially designed for camping, salons, beach event and patio or pool furniture. They are also designed as a reflexology chair. Besides, they have removable and adjustable pillow that is great for lumbar or headrest support. It can deal with 300 lbs of weight capacity and it is made of UV-resistant mesh materials. The replaceable elastic cords can adjust your body’s size. When you want to bring it somewhere, it is foldable and quite light.



BestChoiceproducts, 2-Set Tan New Zero Gravity Chairs

buy button primrosefurnitureDon’t expect to see other color options since the company doesn’t offer it yet.

The seats are designed for 300 lbs of maximum weight capacity and they are made of UV-resistant mesh materials. They provide you high level of comfort with the support of removable or adjustable padded headrests. There are replaceable elastic cords to help you adjusting your body’s size immediately. In case that you need them easily in a minute and they are lightweight that don’t make you difficult to put them in your car.



XtremepowerUS, 2-Set of Navy Zero Gravity Adjustable Reclining Chair with Cup Holder

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buy button primrosefurnitureWant another color? Just choose black, brown, gray or tan for this 2-set of zero gravity reclining chair. They are fully adjustable reclining chairs that can be folded in flat for easy transportation and storage. It is made of plastic with drink holder.



Sunnydaze, 2-Set Black Zero Gravity Lounge Chair with Cup Holder and Pillow

buy button primrosefurnitureThis 2-set lounge chair is all that you need if you want a lounge chair with cup holder and pillow. Perhaps black is too common for you. If so, you can go with other colors such as red, navy blue, khaki, green, forest green, dark brown, charcoal, brown and beige. They are designed with the maximum weight capacity about 250 lbs. The chairs are designed from durable powder coated metal tube framing with weather resistant feature so it will never fade. They also have textilene sling seat as well as seat back material.

They are fully assembled with cup holders and pillows that support your free time on ultimate comfort. It has lock system to lock in any position with the knob under the armrests. Besides, the headrests and lumbar support are adjustable.



Ollieroo, 2-Set Black Zero Gravity Lounge Chair with Utility Tray and Pillow

buy button primrosefurnitureThey only provide you two color options, black and blue. They are designed to support the weight capacity about 300 lbs maximum.

The design is comfortable, ergonomic that can even reduce stress and muscle tension easily. They are also safe to use with the dual finger tip locking system that will lock the chair in any position. The padded headrests are removable and adjustable and this feature is made of UV-resistant mesh materials.

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The good point is that they are completed with a Utility Tray to hold a cup, book or plate that is easy to install in seconds and there are no tools required because it is made of durable plastic.



These 2-set of zero gravity chairs can be used for patio furniture, pool days, camping and many more. They are also foldable so you can easy to fold them when they are not in use.

So, those are the 5 zero gravity chair ideas that can be used for your backyard or other outdoor events with elegant style but functional to use with pillows, tray and cup holder.

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