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5 Contemporary Vanity Stools We Think Elegant for Furniture Accent

There are some contemporary vanity stools we think elegant for your furniture accent. As we can give to you in this list, their lavish design gives you big pride to sit upon it.

5 Contemporary Vanity Stools We Think Elegant for Furniture Accent

Vanity Stool by Hillsdale

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is all that you need if you want to find out cushy and spacious woven fabric seat stool with neutral tone. It is designed with golden bronze finish that can add elegant touch around your space. Its traditional design can be the idea for you to go with antique bathroom stool. It is made of durable metal frame with push woven fabric seat cover and lovely look!



Vanity Stool (Sparta) by Hillsade

buy button primrosefurnitureStill presented by Hillsdale, it can be your next option if you need contemporary accent stool. It can be the way for you to complete your traditional space with this stool. It has rich black gold finish to add elegance. The beige faux suede seat can give luxurious touch for your space. The frame is made of durable metal that you can use for years.



O’Malley Vanity Stool by Hillsdale

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is another option from Hillsday to answer all things about contemporary furniture and stool. This stool is designed with Celtic-styled design with knot motif that makes it truly beautiful. It has grey metallic finish. This stool is only recommended for those who want to add cultural touch through a stool for their dressing room. We have no doubt to say that its design is quite intricate.



Dutton Vanity Stool by Hillsdale

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buy button primrosefurnitureGet a royal treatment when you add it as one of antique stools. It is a perfect seat for a queen that can be used in any room. It adds regal touch instantly with its traditional design. This seat is featured with smooth powder coat finish in chrome and the fabric seat is cloud-soft textured in white.



Marsala Vanity Stool by Hillsdale

buy button primrosefurnitureWith the cut-out floral back design and the padded seat feature, this stool can be a whimsical touch once you add it around your boudoir. It is made of sturdy metal with graceful curves design and its base has gray finish. The rust-brown look will be the high light for your space. It has round shaped seating with the upholstered fabric design in cream.



So now how ? Have you found something good in these options?

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