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5 Bar Stool Chairs and Seats We Think Have Modern Style with Comfortable Design

Bar stool chairs can provide extra seating around your kitchen bar. Anyone could sit on it to have a nice conversation with you while waiting you to serve some foods. Today, there are some modern bar stool chair options you can go with. In this post, you are going to see some swivel bar stools.

5 Bar Stool Chairs and Seats We Think Have Modern Style with Comfortable Design

Lift Adjustable Counter Bar Stool Dining Chair, 2-Pack with Leather Hydraulic

buy button primrosefurnitureEnjoy your time by sitting on this stool. It has sleek design with the chrome metal base. You can add it to complete your kitchen bar or other areas that you want to. The chair is completed with leather upholstery. Its back is about 7-inch of height with the depth of the seat around 15.7-inch. The width of this seat is about 18.2-inch. About this bar stool, it is not recommended for those who have a weight for more than 200 lbs. Just adjust the side lever to get the right height up and down and you can turnaround with this chair because it has swivel design.

However, this bar stool seat requires light assembly.



Adjustable Bar Stool Walnut Bentwood With Button Tufted Made Of Vinyl

buy button primrosefurnitureThey provide you two color options: black walnut and black beechwood. In this review, we are talking about the black walnut model.

They are ready as a counter height or bar stool. For black, it is completed with black vinyl upholstery. The bar stool chair covers are designed with button tufted and the frame finish is walnut bentwood. The design is quite elegant and beautiful with the bentwood style and comfortable padded seat. It has adjustable height feature so you can adjust this swivel stool to the height as you want with the handle below it. The last is its base and footrest that is featured with chrome finish to match any modern furniture.



2-Set of Air Lift Adjustable Stools by Winsome Wood

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buy button primrosefurnitureThe base of this stool is made of metal in sleek look which is perfect for modern touch. About the seat cover, it is made of black faux leather. You can adjust the height easily up and down with the black side lever. This chair also has swivel design so you can turn left and right easily. The recommended maximum weight capacity is about 200 pounds and not more than it. It requires few minutes to assemble.



2-Pack Hydraulic Clear Lift Adjustable Counter/ Bar Stool Seat as Dining Chair                      

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is the alternative that you can pick if you want a bar stool with the clear look for your dining chair. It is completed with adjustable height feature so you can lift it at anytime with the hydraulic lift design for your needs. The height for its back is about 11 inches and the seat depth is about 19 inches while the width of its seat is around 15.5. It is not recommended for people more than 6’250 pounds.



2-Set Swivel Black bonded Adjustable Bar Stool Hydraulic Design by Roundhill

buy button primrosefurnitureUnlike the previous options, this one has more color options to offer. They design it in black, brown, caramel, gray, red and the last is white. The product provides you a wide selection in colors that you can even use for your living room, office, bar, dining room and even for outdoors.

The design shows its high quality with the innovative look. It is perfect for those who need bar stool chairs to complete their luxurious modern style. The stool is completed with sturdy base made of chrome with the handy lift design so you can adjust it easily. It has faux leather upholstery with high level of comfort.

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It requires few minutes to assemble.



Those are all the five options of bar stool seat if you are asking us about it in modern style with comfortable design. Hope this is helpful for you!

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