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5 Antique White Wood Home Office Furniture Sets

We have no doubt to say that antique white furniture is always beautiful even if you add it for your home office. Here is some of antique white wood office furniture, take a look. It is free!

5 Antique White Wood Home Office Furniture Sets

Antique White Lateral File, Sauder Harbor

buy button primrosefurnitureThey provide you this antique white and that is what we can recommend for this topic. Another available option is the antique painted design.

This is all that you need that is more than just an accent for your home office. You can use it for more things such as letter, European size hanging files and even legal files. You can secure all your files in the storage because it comes with key lock. The two shelves are adjustable according to your needs. In case that you want to keep all files in your office organized for your productivity and smooth business, this is all that you must have.



Antique White Office Desks Corner for Computer, Sauder

buy button primrosefurnitureIt comes with two color options: antiqued paint or antiqued white.

You can configure it with drawers and doors on right and left. The top surface is made of melamine for high durability. It is specially designed with three drawers to complete all your storage needs.



Antiqued White View Computer Desk with Hutch

buy button primrosefurnitureIt can be another option for you who need antique white home office desks in case that the previous model doesn’t fit to your space.

As before, it has two color options: antiqued black and antiqued white.

You can use this white computer desk to hold letter, legal and European size files. What makes it different is that it has hidden storage that you can find out behind its louver detailed door. The storage has cubbyhole design for your business.



Antiqued White Library with Doors, Sauder Harbor

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is Sauder antique white office furniture and another color option they provide is black. About this white library, it comes with three shelves that you can adjust to cover your needs. It has louver detailed doors that you can open to use the hidden storage. The drawer has metal runners as well as safety stops so you don’t have any bad experience such as the files fall down because you open it too hard. The back panel has enclosed design and it works for cord access.

Its design is graceful with its simplicity that will highlight your space instantly.



Antiqued White Storage Cabinet, Sauder Harbor

buy button primrosefurnitureThis is the last furniture we can give to you when it comes to antique white office furniture. It is the easiest way to create a beautiful cottage accent around your office. Its door panels have louvered details and the wood feet have turned design. The worn wood knobs add everything about charming style. It gives more warmth around the space especially with its soft brown grain that makes it work for any kind of room settings. The shelves are adjustable that allow you to store anything in any size. You can even use it to complete your home.



Well, we think the antique white home office furniture above is enough to create a beautiful home office around your space. They have practical design that we are very sure can support your productivity. When it comes to furniture, the rule is basically always same. You only need to purchase what you extremely need for your business.

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