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3 Origami-Inspired Bar and Dining Tables with Futuristic Look

Who don’t know about origami? All about origami is always interesting, unique and beautiful. Can you imagine when a designer is inspired by Origami to make something useful? The result is beautiful too as you can see around Origami bar table. It sounds incredible and unbelievable.

The design is rare and unique which can be a highlight when you add origami end tables around your space. But, it is not easy to find a lot of options about origami bar table especially for the prime products at Amazon.com. So, what we found is these 3 options of origami tables you can use for your bar or dining or just an end table.

3 Origami-Inspired Bar and Dining Tables with Futuristic Look

Black Origami End Table by Creative Furniture

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This is all glass end table with bent glass forms and glass frame. It works best if you want to add a contemporary look around your living space through an end table. The design is futuristic that people would give you a lot of compliments. It has multiple directions shape makes people wonder how it could be designed like that. Just use it to complete your space such as for cocktail table or others.



White Origami End Table by Creative Furniture

buy button primrosefurnitureIt is the same product as the first option but the difference is on its color. It goes in white for those who need white end table to complete their space. You can use it to serve your family and friends and at the same time you can show about your personal taste for unique and futuristic look of origami end table.



Modern Basil Ori End Table by Craft and Main

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buy button primrosefurnitureThis is the last option that we could find as prime product when we put the word about origami end table. So, this is a high gloss modern basil finish end table that is also designed to add contemporary flair around your living space. No matter what you go for your home décor, it can fit the space perfectly as an accent table. The trendy style is perfect for futuristic and functional design too.



Well, that is all about five Origami dining tables that you can use. Hope you like it!

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