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10 White Tulip Style Coffee Dining Side and Kitchen Table Designs For Vintage Touch

Let’s us show you our 10 collections of white tulip style table that you can use as coffee table, side table, dining table and kitchen table.

10 White Tulip Style Coffee Dining Side and Kitchen Table Designs For Vintage Touch

White Oval Tulip Coffee Table Artificial Marble 60 Inch, LexMod

buy button primrosefurnitureIt can be your option if you want to add modern touch to your living room. You can use this white oval tulip coffee table to complete your existing décor. Its base is made of aluminum and the table top has oval shaped design. The base is tapered. It would not chip and scratch because the lacquered finish. The artificial marble top gives contemporary touch to your space. You can even use it for other rooms such as lounge rooms or recreation to make it as the accent.



White Round Tulip Dining Table Wood 36 Inch, LexMod
buy button primrosefurniturePick this if you need seamless and timeless white round tulip dining table. The design is perfect to complete modern space. The table top is designed with circular with. The base is from tapered metal and the chip resistant finish is added for its durability.

It is available in some color options. Take it as your solution for a small saving design of dining table in your small space.



White Marble Tulip Dining Table Artificial 36 Inch, LexMod

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Complete your small space with this white marble tulip dining table. It is designed with timeless look that can work well even if your décor always changing in every season. Its aluminum base provides sturdy design and the circular top is ideal for small space. The tapered base has lacquered finish that can deal with scratch and chip issue. The artificial marble top provides luxury touch that can enhance your décor.



White Tulip Style Dining Table Round Fiberglass 36 Inch, Kardiel

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It can be your next option if you want white tulip style dining table. It is constructed from cast aluminum for its base and it is scratch resistant with the Rilsan coated finish. For the table top, it is constructed from 100 percent of high polish fiberglass as well as the upper shelf. Its thickness is about 1.5 inches which is quite good to host some important items for your dining necessities. There are also circular base floor protector pads to avoid any scratches to your flooring.



Immer White Tulip Kitchen Table Mid-Century Style Marble, Baxton Studio

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This white tulip kitchen table provides mid-century style to your space. You can use it as kitchen table or end table. It has functional and tasteful design that will also give simplicity to any room even in office or home interior. It is constructed from solid material for its high quality. The white and gray natural marble top can enhance your décor. The base is made of white coated steel for its durability.



White Marble Top Tulip Table Eero Saarinen Style 39 Inch, Designer Modern

buy button primrosefurnitureThis white marble top tulip table can be your option if you love the clean styled design to depict elegant and simple look to your space. The tulip base can give a statement and it provides you many ways to configure it with the tops and the bases. The tabletop is round and the base has white lacquered light gloss for its durability. Its marble top gives a beautiful accent to this furniture.



White Marble Tulip Side Table With Black Base Eero Saarinen 20 Inch, Poly and Bark

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Add a mid century style with this white tulip pedestal table. Unlike others, this side table comes with black base for a modern and classic look. The table has tapered cast aluminum base. There is also beveled white marble for the tabletop and this table is finished with scratch and chip resistant.

It means that it can be a great option to add elegance to your space with the luxury touch on its marble top.



Eero Saarinen White Round Tulip Table Style For Dining 40 Inch, LexMod

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It is the ideal option to create classic euro style to your home. This white round tulip table has organic shapes and the pedestal glide is like slender stem to highlight its vintage look. The base is quite sturdy which is constructed from aluminum and it is finished with scratch and chip resistant. The top is constructed from fiberglass.



Eero White Saarinen Tulip Table Marble Side Table 20 Inch, Poly And Bark

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We recommend this white saarinen tulip table if you want to create mid century style for a classic touch with the modern twist. The base and the tabletop have scratch and chip resistant finish for its durability. The tabletop is also featured with beveled white marble design to give luxury look. For the base, it has tapered cast aluminum for the sturdy design.



Saarinen Tulip Side Table White 36 Inch White Marble Top, LexMod

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We provide this saarinen tulip side table white for those who want to add classic side table to their space. It can be an excellent option to pick with the organic shapes. The vintage point is presented from its stem-like pedestal glide. It can be the way to enhance your current décor. It is the perfect option to complete your space with the clear protective finish to deal with scuffs, stains and scratch for its tabletop and base.



Those 10 collections of vintage white tulip table are designed with many options. You can pick the best one that you think work for your space.

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