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10 Modern Upholstered Nightstands and Bedside Tables With Drawers

Perhaps for you the drawers and the open shelf are not enough. Adding upholstered modern design bedside table as below can be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Here is our 10 collection if you want to find out upholstered nightstands or bedside tables with drawers for modern touch.

10 Modern Upholstered Nightstands and Bedside Tables With Drawers

Modern Nightstand White Massey, Baxton Studio

buy button primrosefurnitureUse this one of modern nightstands white to hide your bedtime needs. It is designed with simple but stylish look. We recommend it if you have low platform beds. This nightstand is designed from sturdy plywood and the hardwood frame. There is a thin layer of foam padding for its top combines faux leather in white for its luxury touch. It provides you extra storage with the single drawer and the single open shelf. It is a modern option of nightstand in which you can directly use it without any assembly. It is also designed in black if you don’t like white.

The good point is it has less maintenance. Simply use damp cloth to clean and wipe.



Medium Caressa Crystal Tufted Modern Nightstand Plans in Pink with Leather, Baxton Studio

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Use it to complete your modern nightstand plans. It is completed with faux crystal button tufting for its front to complete the two drawers to give glimmer style. Its highlight is the pink faux leather features the chrome-plated metal legs for the accent.

This modern nightstand is constructed from hardwood frame and plywood and it is padded with foam and then it is upholstered. It only requires light assembly.



Frey Modern Bedroom Upholstered Nightstand in Black, Baxton Studio

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It works as modern bedroom nightstand or even to add contemporary style to your bedroom. This upholstered nightstand comes with black faux leather. It is constructed from hardwood frame and plywood and it has polyurethane foam padding inside. You can use the two drawers for storage and they are accented with silver drawer pulls. Take it if you want to replace your old nightstand for a sleek and sturdy option.



Modern Creative Nightstand Ideas Victoria Upholstered Large White, Baxton Studio

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Take this as one of modern creative nightstand ideas with upholstered design in Victoria style. You can use this bedside table with the elegant design that can even work in any bedroom settings. The design is very subtle with clean matte white finish. It can be used to complete any interior design. Use the 2 drawers to store your bedtime needs.



Erin Faux Leather Modern Furniture Bedside Table Upholstered Medium White, Baxton Studio

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Put your small items for bedtime necessities in this modern furniture bedside table. It comes with two storage drawers and it has contemporary style. Its design is quite compact that you can use next to your bed or other rooms for quick access. It is made of solid hardwood combines plywood frame and faux leather upholstery. The drawers’ pulls are from stainless steel and the legs are chromed steel to give modern update to your bedroom.



Dorian Black Modern Nightstands With Drawers, Faux Leather Upholstered Design, Baxton Studio

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In case that you want to update your bedroom, we think it can be a nice option to start. This is one of modern nightstands with drawers that can be a way to add contemporary and modern feel instantly in any rooms. It comes with faux leather upholstery and its clean design can show you its elegance in its simplicity.



Modern Narrow Bedside Table San Antonio Leather Upholstery in Black, CorLiving

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It is a modern narrow bedside table that can add storage to your room. It is completed with foam padded design with large drawer and the lower shelf to give more storage. It would be nice if you pair this black bedside with other black furniture for your bedroom.



Add Touch of Modern Nighstand with White Holywood Glamour Oval Drawer Upholstered, Medium, Baxton Studio

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Add touch of modern nightstand with this one. It works perfectly for those who need modern design of nightstand that can show glamour feel. It is made of solid rubberwood and plywood with the oval-shaped design and it is fully upholstered in faux leather with white tone. The buttons are faux crystals and they are tufted for a blink-blink visual design. It comes with marry style and it has two spacious drawers to organize your bedroom items. The knobs are from faux crystals with the matching wooden legs to give attractive look for your space.



Cherie Upholstered Modern Nightstand White Faux Leather In Oval Medium Design, Baxton Studio

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This upholstered modern nightstand comes with luxurious design and it has pin-cushioned finish for its stunning look. It can add sophistication and timeless design for your space. It is fully assembled with the best PU leather upholstery and the very expensive look through its caliber to give you high quality too. It can be used for many years to store books and other items.



Davina Hollywood Modern Black Bedside Table Faux Leather Upholstered 2-Drawer, Medium Glamor Style, Baxton Studio

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It is the icon for modern and contemporary room. It is designed from plywood and solid rubber wood in oval shape and this modern black bedside table has black faux leather upholstery to give you smooth surface along with MDF top. The tufted faux crystal buttons give nice design and it comes in marry style. The two drawers are roomy to support your bedtime needs. It has faux crystal knobs and wooden legs to catch people’s attention.



That is all of our 10 collection when it comes to modern nightstand with drawers in upholstered design.

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